How To Turn Your Facebook Profile To Page And Start Earning Money From It

Have you noticed that some of your FACEBOOK Friends have been turning their Facebook Profiles to Pages?

It’s called Facebook Professional Mode.

This new feature on Facebook was specifically designed to allow everyone on the platform to grow their Audience and enable them to do Business on their Profiles!

For most people Creating Content on Facebook, Monetization might be the goal and there might be signs that Facebook is trying to get everyone to Monetize their Content as well.


1. Update your Facebook Blue App

2. Tap on your Profile and Touch the 3 Dotted Button beside your Edit Profile Button.

3. You will see the PROFESSIONAL MODE at the bottom then CLICK on it to Switch into it.

that’s all

Note: Unlike Facebook pages, Facebook Profiles on professional mode can Monetize any amount of Followers be it less than 1,000 followers or more. But you can only Monetize Reels for now!

For anyone trying to build an Audience, this will help you grow Faster!

Note: PROFESSIONAL MODE is not a Replacement for Facebook Pages!

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