Saint Patrick’s Day Greening Scholarship For 2023


Maynooth University is reducing the cost of tuition for summer classes as part of its recruitment efforts, with the goal of attracting a student body that is more culturally and ethnically diverse.


Students from any part of the world can send in their completed application materials to be considered for admission to the school. After that, please include an essay (no more than 500 words) that discusses your experiences as a member of a student population that is considered to be marginalized, as well as the reasons why you might benefit from attending our summer school. The essay should be submitted along with the rest of your application materials. The maximum number of words allowed for this essay is the same as the maximum number of words allowed for the essay that you have just handed in. Maynooth University gives a strong recommendation to any student who is thinking about applying for the scholarship to make sure that they have the financial resources to cover the total cost of the program fee. The recommendation is given to any student who is thinking about applying for the scholarship. Due to the fact that the scholarship will only cover a percentage of the total cost of the program, this is the case. This is due to the fact that a decision regarding the awarding of the scholarship will not be made until after the conclusion of the application period that had its final deadline. As a result of this, applicants will have to wait until after the application period is over to find out if they were successful. Maynooth University strongly recommends that any student who is thinking about applying for the scholarship make an appointment with the financial aid office at their school to discuss the various options that are available to them. This appointment should be scheduled as soon as possible.

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Students have the opportunity to submit an application for a scholarship ranging from 300 to 500 euros to assist with the financial burden of attending their respective international summer school. Students who are in need of financial assistance to offset the fees connected with attending summer school can apply for one of the available scholarships.  APPLY

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